What We Do

We aggregate your information into meaningful interfaces published on a mobile app and website

Your Brand

We provide an app tailored to your brand using the airline's logo and color scheme to endorse your brand image end to end.
You choose the features your customized CrewApp® has enabled for your air crew.


Your Information

CrewApp® by design supports an extensible set of customization. Information displayed is tailored to what is relevant to your philosophy, processes, air crew and ultimately your business strategy.


Your Systems

CrewApp® can be connected to any system to provide relevant data to your end users. Since it is strategically placed on your in-house IT infrastructure, interfaces to your systems are secured within your domain at your control.


Our Expertise

While interfaces to certain systems and platforms are standard, our specialists provide consulting and development to get the backend services for all your IT systems up and running to harvest the full potentials of CrewApp®.




Glance through up to date assignments or venture into the past in a beautiful simple and easy design. See who's flying with you, check the status of your aircraft and details of your destinations.

Confirm Changes

CrewApp® comprehensively outlines what has been added or removed from your roster. After reviewing your assignments, instantly update your crew management system with just one click.




Never miss what really matters to you, control your subscriptions from the mobile app. CrewApp® constantly watches assignments at the source and instantly and conveniently notifies you of any change.


Chat with fellow crewmembers who are on the same flight, no need to have the phone numbers of all your colleagues.


Export To Logbook

All it takes is just one click, to export your complete roster or individual flights into LogTen logbook application. Just like that.



Crewmembers can check-in to their duty directly from the app to ensure operations can react early if someone doesn't report for duty.



Create forms and reports that crewmembers fill out during duty then analyze and process them at the office using the website tools provided.


Share Calendar

Share your roster with family members and friends allowing them to be aware of your availability at any given time using the calendar sharing function.



Documents and training records are always with you, so you can verify their recency and status. You can even examine your personal information right from the app and instantly report any discrepancies you may find.



Sign-up to CrewApp® social feature and effortlessly get in touch with your colleagues or friends on layovers. Without disrupting their sleep.



Access company contact resources from your roster assignments or through the searchable contact repository. CrewApp® fetches hotel information, maintenance providers and other contacts relevant to your assignment.


And More

There is so much more we would like to share with you.
For more information contact us and find out how CrewApp® can revolutionize your operations.



What our customers and users say

"Since 2017 CrewApp has been a vital part of Sunclass Airlines operational system portfolio. It’s serving as a robust, flexible and reliable system providing an essential support in our daily operation, much appreciated both by Operations and Crew."
Lene Nielsen
IT Project Manager


„The collaboration with CrewApp has enabled us to simplify and yet increase performance in multiple areas of our engagements. CrewApp is connecting all the right dots in a complex operation, combined in one app.”
Arney Ösp Vilhjálmsdóttir
Service & Sales Systems Manager


"Bluebird Nordic is a user of CrewApp for some years now. Decision was made to optimize the functionality and start using more of the applications´ capability. Good decision! Our crew gets real time operational information directly through CrewApp. The app is stable and user friendly, impossible to miss if an “outage” occurs as the crew can report “immediately” as the app is their information portal."
Steinar Sveinsson
Product Owner


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